Supply of Building & Road Construction Materials
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Supply of Building & Road Construction Materials

Built with confidence, we have all the materials needed to create a stunning project. Only carrying the most reputable brands, we guarantee that we can customize a high-quality solution for your every needs. Gesu offers wide range of building and Road construction materials that includes but not limited:

– Steel, aluminum, metal products, wood products, all finishing materials, internal or external cladding, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and electrical low voltage materials, generators, lifts and chemical coating products.

We are fully committed in providing our customers with the best level of support during and after sales for the entire life of product.

We represent the world’s leading manufacturers and the activity is supported by professional sales team and factory trained service engineers, technicians and support staff to provide quick and efficient service to our valued customers. An extensive inventory of fast moving machines and consumables is maintained in stock at all times.

Road Construction Materials

Each road project is unique in terms of technical solutions, operational logistics, public acceptance, and investment scheme, from expressways to local roads, and from municipal roads to public expressways or public-private partnership highways.

Gesu is your go-to partner from the sourcing phase of your road construction materials for your project. With our industrial background and proven technical capacity, we contribute to the success of large-scale road project operations, making road projects simpler and more efficient in cooperation with contractors.

We leverage a unique solutions portfolio that encompasses:

  • bound and unbound aggregates layers
  • soil stabilization solutions
  • concrete pavements
  • asphalt formulations
  • cement-treated base or roller-compacted concrete
  • fast-hardening concrete for urban pavements

Chemical & Paint Supplies

We offer technologically advanced products and personalized service for all coatings applications.

  • E-poxy wall and floor architectural coatings and sundries for the paint professional and consumer.
  • Fleet oriented automotive finishing systems designed for the truck, conversion, RV, and composites industries.
  • Environmentally friendly industrial wood finishes for the most demanding finishing lines.
  • Highly advanced industrial metal coatings for high production manufacturing.
  • Specialty blend solvent packaging.
  • Custom fill aerosol and touch-up packages.
  • Wall coverings for the retail market to the more advanced professional and commercial markets.